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MGT 5000 Financial Accounting 




Summer 2024


Financial accounting examines accounting concepts, the accounting model, measurement processes, financial statements, financial analysis, the accounting cycle, monetary and fixed assets, inventory, current and long-term liabilities and equity structures of partnerships, proprietorships and corporations.

The objective of this course is to introduce managers to the concepts, tools, and techniques used in financial accounting. Emphasis will be placed on the understanding of problem-solving and report preparation. At the completion of this course you should be able to use Excel to perform a variety of analyses. 


Introduction to Financial Accounting, 11/E, Charles T. Horngren, Stanford University, Gary L. Sundem, University of Washington, John A. Elliott, Baruch College, The City University of New York, Donna Philbrick, Portland State University, ISBN-10: 0133489361 | ISBN-13: 9780133489361 ©2014 • Prentice Hall • Cloth, 648 pp

The text web site has a lot of useful information (self-tests and other drill). Please follow the link info in your text to access that information.
Textbooks can be purchased from the MBS Direct web site located at: 


Please see textbooks section. 


Computer literacy - you need some experience sending and receiving e-mail with and without attachments as well as using a spreadsheet (see the computer requirements). YOU MUST HAVE YOUR OWN INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDER (i.e., your employer's Internet access is not sufficient). Exceptions must be granted prior to the beginning of the semester. 


Your final grade will be based a weighted average of class participation (via discussion board postings), submission of homework, and exams as shown below. Final grade scale: A: 90-100 points; B: 80-89 points; C: 70-79 points; D: 60-69 points; F: less than 60 points.

Activity Homework/Class participation, (50% of the grade), Final exam, (50% of the grade).

The final exam will be a three hour, open book online exam.

You may use a calculator for either test. 


This is distance learning (DL) course. It will be conducted via e-mail and web page postings. Homework assignments and discussion will be required each week. All homework assignments will be due via assignment dropbox by midnight Pacific Time on Sundays. In addition, please email the instructor regarding questions. The instructor attempts to answer every email within 24 hours. 






Please see schedule 


Please see schedule 

Other Items: 

Backup e-mail
Please cc yourself on all homework submissions. That is the easiest way to prove timely submission in the event something is lost in transit.


My usual time to respond to student e-mails is <24 hours and I rarely require >24 hours to respond to e-mails.

When sending e-mail to me, please identify yourself by name and the course number in the subject line of your e-mail to me. I sometimes serve e-mail students from a number of classes and it takes considerable time to memorize everyone's e-mail address.

Homework/Class Participation:

As stated in the syllabus, 50% of a student's grade is based on homework/class participation.
The homework and discussion question assignments are in the course materials for each week.

Discussion question postings will be evaluated as follows:

In order to receive full credit, you need to respond to each discussion question and to two other postings by other students for each discussion questions.
When posting to the Discussion Board, please do not use attachments. Many students with dial up connections cannot download and or open attachments from the Discussion Board.

Remarks about Hand-in homework:

Please submit the homework via the assignment dropbox for the applicable week by midnight on Sunday. Be sure to complete all of the assignment in order to receive full credit. Please adhere to the deadline unless there is an emergency beyond your control. 

Week 1 (beginning May 13, 2024)
Reading: Chapters 1 & 2
Required homework: None
Required discussion question(s): See week 1 discussion board

Week 2 (beginning May 20, 2024)
Reading: Chapters 1 & 2
Required homework: Problems 1-40 & 2-46
Required discussion question(s): See week 2 discussion board

Week 3 (beginning May 27, 2024)
Reading: Chapter 3
Required homework: Problems 3-38 & 3-40
Required discussion question(s): See week 3 discussion board

Week 4 (beginning June 3, 2024)
Reading: Chapter 4
Required homework: Problems 4-43 & 4-50
Required discussion question(s): See week 4 discussion board

Week 5 (beginning June 10, 2024)
Reading: Chapter 5
Required homework: Problem 5-61
Required discussion question(s): See week 5 discussion board

Week 6 (beginning June 17, 2024)
Reading: Chapter 6
Required homework: Problems 6-56, 6-77 and 6-82
Required discussion question(s): See week 6 discussion board

Week 7 (beginning June 24, 2024)
Reading: Chapter 7
Required homework: Problems 7-67, 7-72 and 7-88
Required discussion question(s): See week 7 discussion board

Week 8 (beginning July 1, 2024

Reading: Chapter 8
Required homework: Problems 8-57, 8-62 & 8-71.)
Required discussion question(s): See week 8 discussion board

Week 9 (beginning July 8, 2024)

Reading: Chapter 9
Required homework: Problems 9-40, 9-48 & 9-49 
Required discussion question(s): See week 9 discussion board

Week 10 (beginning July 15, 2024)
Reading: Chapter 10
Required homework: Problems 10-54 & 10-67
Required discussion question(s): See week 11 discussion board

Week 11 (beginning July 22, 2024); Final exam week
Reading: None
Required homework: None
Required discussion question(s): None