Course Title                                      MGMT/5063 Inventory Control and MGMT (Virtual)

Course Schedule:                             May 13, 2024, through July 26, 2024

Course Location and Times            Online Main Discussion Forum

                                                          Main Forums

 Home Page                                         

This is where the Learner can view the course content and navigate to other forums in the class.

Announcements Forum                    

This is a read-only forum where the Instructor will post announcements, changes, or any updates to the course.

Assignments Forum                          

The Learner will submit all assignments, such as individual papers and Learning Team (LT.) Projects, to this Forum. Learners have write-only access to this forum, meaning they can only post assignments.

Discussion Forums                           

The Learner will use these forums for discussion questions, class dialogue, LT discussions, and weekly discussions.

Learning Team Forums                   

By the end of Week 1, the Learners will self-select their LT, which will be no larger than four Learners in a Team. Each LT has a forum, and all activities must be conducted there. The Instructor will monitor this forum but not post or answer any questions. All questions will be addressed in the "Questions to the Instructor Forum" so others can learn. 

Open Chat Forum                           

This is a read-and-write access forum for Learners to chat informally. Learners can engage in relevant discussions, including those not based on course content. The Instructor will not regularly monitor this forum.  


The files tab contains additional documents, including the chapter supplement, LT Charter (sample), and the Student Integrity Form. 

Weekly Modules                              

Although the course is set up in module format, the Learner is responsible for all requirements regardless of the classroom format. I recommend that all Learners become familiar with the discussion forum in the event there is a glitch in the modules. The week starts on Mondays and ends on Sundays (11:59 pm EST).

Course-Specific Information

Course Description   

This course gives Learners the tools to increase their understanding of the Fundamentals of Production Planning and Control. Emphasis is placed on an overview of forecasting, material requirements planning, inventory management, and capacity planning. This course aims to improve each Learner's understanding and awareness of inventory practices while creating opportunities to discuss challenges facing logistics managers.           

Course Learning Objectives    

 - Develop an understanding of planning and control, forecasting fundamentals, sales and operations planning, master schedule, inventory management, and material requirements planning.

- Understand the importance and implications of supply chain management and how it impacts capacity and production activity control.

- Develop an in-depth understanding of lean and just-in-time production management systems while understanding partnership networks.

- Strengthen integrative management, analytical, and problem-solving skills using the terms and concepts gained in this class.       

Required Text       

Chapman, Stephen. N. (2006). The Fundamentals of production planning and control. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall. ISBN: 0-13-017615-X                         

Suggested Text                                  

American Psychological Association (2020). Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (7th Ed) Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.


No unique materials are needed.

Participation Points                          

A Learner will receive participation points for a given week if they respond to their Peers at least twice in the Weekly Discussion Forum on two different days during the online week (see the quality of posts for further details), which is worth 5.5 points per week (2.75 pts per post). Deadlines for participation points are based on Eastern Standard Time (EST). All posts will be written per APA guidelines (12-PT Times New Roman, one space after punctuation) and include a scholarly reference. Responding to the Instructor is considered participation. No points will be earned for incomplete posts. 

For example, if the Learner replies to a Peer or Instructor's post on Monday of Week 2 and again on Thursday of Week 2, they will receive 5.75 points (2.75 points per post).

In a master's program like this, discussion is critical to learning. Substantial participation brings the course content to life, and we learn significantly from sharing perspectives, experiences, and insights. Accordingly, my evaluation of your participation addresses your contribution to weekly discussions and is a graded course component. Quality is an important consideration when participating in the discussion forum. More than simply correctly answering the discussion questions (assuming a correct answer) is required.

Correspondingly, a message that merely states agreement, for example, would not constitute participation since it does not add anything of substance to the discussion. Substantively posting in a discussion thread requires going beyond the obvious to make connections between ideas and concepts that, on the surface, are not apparent. It also means going beyond the facts of the implications - to the why and so what. Everything you read in this course and what your colleagues or I say in the discussion forum should be subject to critical evaluation - critical in the positive sense. Does it make sense? Does it fit with the evidence? Does it mesh with my experience? Is it logical? Does it add any value? The key to success in this course is having a curious and open mind.

Points will only be earned for completed posts on time. Each participation response will be counted as 2.75 points (a total of 5.5 points) per week. All posts will be typed in black ink, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font, and have a reference.

*The Participation posts will be submitted on separate days from the DQ post to earn credit.

Discussion Question Post      

Learners will respond to the posted discussion questions by Wednesday (11:59 pm EST) each week. Discussion question posts should be at least 200 words with a scholarly reference and formatted IAW APA.

Please proofread each post carefully. Grammar and spelling errors will affect grading. Most importantly, your postings must be coherent and clear and contribute to advancing the topic. All posts will be typed in black ink, Times New Roman, 12 pt., and include a reference.

The DQ post will earn seven points. Points are only earned for completed posts on time.

Please post to the threads for discussion questions and responses in the weekly forum. Choose the appropriate response line, click reply, type your answer, and send.

*The DQ post will be submitted on separate days from the Participation post to earn credit.


Open mind

How Points and Percentages Equate to Grades*All Learners will start at a perfect score (400 pts) and lose points as the assignments are due. 

The grade of "I" is not automatic and is only given in circumstances beyond the Learner's control. See below under "General Information" for more details.





Weekly DQ








Learning Team Charter*

Week 3



Essay Outline*

Week 4



Essay *

Week 7



Student Code of Academic Integrity Form*

Week 7



Learning Team Project*

Week 10







*Note - The Individual and Learning Team Assignments are due at the end of the assigned week.

Late Assignments                                          

Extensions for extreme and extenuating circumstances are at my discretion and must be arranged in advance. Any assignment other than the Weekly DQ forum submitted after midnight (EDT) of the due date will incur a 50% decrease in the total grade. All work must be submitted by the end of Week 11 to receive a grade. Please plan accordingly.




Distance learning through Canvas.


Chats, if required, will be scheduled in advance.


Week 1: May 13 - May 19, 2024 / Chap 1

Week 2: May 20 - May 26, 2024 / Chap 2/3

Week 3: May 27 - June 2, 2024 / Chap 4 & 5 (LT Charter Due)

Week 4: June 3 - June 9, 2024 / Article Review (Essay Outline due)

Week 5: June 10 - June 16, 2024 / Essay Work 

Week 6: June 17 - June 23, 2024 / Chap 6 & 7

Week 7: June 24 - June 30 2024 / Chap 8 (Essay due)

Week 8: July 1 - July 7, 2024 / Chap 9 

Week 9: July 8 - July 14, 2024 / LT Project work

Week 10: July 15 - July 21, 2024 / Chap 10 & 11 (LT Project due)

Week 11:  22 - 26 July 2024 / Roll Up

*Subject to Change

Learning Teams Project                              

FIT Learners are expected to work effectively in diverse groups to achieve tasks across global settings. They must collaborate and function well in team settings as both leaders and followers. They should respect human diversity and behave tolerantly toward colleagues and peers. Differences are a part of your learning process. If you experience difficulties working with your LT, you must resolve them within the group. However, please feel free to contact me for guidance if you have concerns.

Each LT (consisting of no more than four Learners) will submit their Charter NLT Week 3 to the assignment's forum (located in the files tab). Because LT projects are outcome-based, all members of your Team will generally earn the same grade for the projects; however, I reserve the right to assign different grades for different LT members if I see a substantial imbalance with an individual contribution. You may also be asked to complete a "Peer Evaluation" to assess the contributions of each team member (including yourself). I consider these Peer Evaluations when considering individual contributions to the LT projects.

Each LT member is expected to handle the group's workload. Failure to participate will result in zero points for LT Charter and Project. All work will be held in the LT Forum. Any mention of using external sources will result in a zero. 

Each preselected LT will conduct a 6-page study (not including front and back matter of tables/charts) on Amazon's Global Reverse Logistics Program. Each case study must discuss at least five concepts from the textbook. All papers will be typed in Microsoft Word using APA formatting, including 1" margins, black font, double-spacing, one space after the punctuation, citations, references (support from other valid sources is highly encouraged), and a title page. The LT Leader will save the files as "MGT5063_File Name_Learning Team Number_Date. See the Rubric in the Assignments Forum for the evaluation criteria.

 Individual Essay Outline Assignment        

Each Learner will submit an outline of their proposed Essay with a clear thesis and at least three heading levels NLT at the end of Week 4. The outline is a "brainstorming activity" to stimulate thoughts about the Essay. The Learner can submit an outline like the one below:

Topic: Global Supply Chain Management

Thesis:  The global supply chain has allowed consumers to access more items at a lower cost.

Background of the Global Supply Chain

 Borderless Access

Transportation costs

* The topic must be pre-approved by the Instructor. 

Individual Essay Assignment (Due Week 7)

Each Learner will submit a typed 6-8-page Essay (not including front and back matter of tables/charts) on any selected topic about the course - I will only read the 6-8 page Essay. Essays submitted under six or more than eight pages will receive a % point introduction. Your objective will be to pick a subject that interests you related to the textbook, research information on the case, and then write the results of your findings in Microsoft Word. The Essay structure will include an introduction, body, and conclusion. Evidence should be presented in a manner that supports the written claim described in the Essay.

 The final file will be named "MGT5063_Final _Title of Essay_Your Name_with a Similarity Report rating of 20% or less" and uploaded to the Assignments Thread.

The Student Code of Academic Integrity Form will also be uploaded as a separate document in the Assignments Forum. The Instructor will reject an Essay with more than a 20% Similarity Rating with zero points awarded. All essays will be graded or received with the Student Code of Integrity Form. Learners are encouraged to submit their Essays in advance to the assignments tab with a file named "MGT5063_Test _Title of Essay_Your Name" to evaluate the quality of the Essay before the final submission. To see the similarity rating, the Learner must upload the Essay into the Assignments tab. See the Rubric in the Assignments Forum for the evaluation criteria.              

Format/Writing Style/References for all graded Assignments:

The Learner's name and title should appear at the beginning of the Essay, presumably on the title page.
- Double-space between paragraphs using 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins (sides, top, and bottom), black ink, and one space after the punctuation and in Microsoft Word.

- All essays, outlines, and LT Projects will use the APA format (in Microsoft Word) with correctly structured citations and a stand-alone reference page (which is not a part of the page count).

All forum posts will adhere to the APA Format. The LT Forum is exempt from this format. 
-  All essays will cite AT LEAST one reference from the textbook, one from an academic peer-reviewed journal, and one from a current event.
- Wikipedia, dictionary sources, or Artificial Intelligence (AI) is prohibited.

- Essays that are either less than six pages or more than seven pages will have a percentage deducted. For example, if a Learner submits a 4-page essay, they will be penalized 35 points before the start. Instead of being worth 104 points, the Essay is worth 69 points, and if an additional 20 points are deducted for grammar, the final grade is 49 points.


See Schedule


Welcome to MGT - 5063. My name is Dr. S. M. Ramp, and I will be the Instructor for this course. I look forward to working with you as you continue to work towards a master's degree. I will do everything possible to ensure the next 11 weeks will be rewarding. In addition to learning and having fun, you can expect to leave this class with a better understanding and appreciation of the fundamentals of production activity and control. Above all, you can count on me to challenge each of you throughout the course. You are embarking on an incredible journey in which you will be successful with hard work, determination, and a desire for excellence! See you in the virtual classroom!


Our primary means of communication is through CANVAS. The best way to contact me is through email. I will check emails daily and respond to all emails within 24 hours. If you have an urgent need, please send a note to my email account ( with the subject line: MGT5063_FIT_Your Name_911. I will also publish my phone number for easy access during the course. 

I will acknowledge every email with a personal response. If you are still waiting for my reply within 24 hours, assume your email was lost and resend it. Please be advised that I have filters and firewalls, and email submissions infected with viruses will be immediately deleted.

Academic Policies                                         

Academic honesty is highly valued in Florida Tech's online courses. The Learner must always submit work that represents original words or ideas. If any words or pictures do not express those words or ideas, the student must cite all relevant sources and clearly define the extent to which such sources were used.

Words or ideas that require citation include but are not limited to all hard copy or electronic publications, whether copyrighted or not, and all verbal or visual communication when the content of such communication originates from an identifiable source. In the Florida Tech online course, all submissions to any public meeting, bulletin board, or private mailbox fall within the scope of words and ideas that require citations if used by someone other than the original author.

I check routinely, and without further warning, to confirm that you are following the principles of Academic Honesty and especially avoiding plagiarism. You should know that a first offense would earn you a Zero for that assignment, plus a report to the appropriate academic authorities. Any further offense will make an "F" grade for the course and will be reported. 

In general, below are eight rules for avoiding plagiarism: 
1. Provide clear attribution of outside sources.
2. Identify all words and phrases taken from outside sources.
3. Follow all quotations, paraphrases, and summaries of external sources with appropriate and complete citations. 
4. Use your own words and sentence structure when you paraphrase.
5. Ensure all summaries and paraphrases of your sources are accurate and objective.
6. Include all print and retrievable electronic resources in the References Page that follows the body of the paper.
7. Provide documentation for all visual images, charts, and graphs from printed or electronic resources.

  1. Do not submit a document previously used in another course, even if it is your document.


For the complete text of Florida Tech's policy on academic dishonesty, cheating, and plagiarism, see


We are all bound by confidentiality in this class. Learners may want to discuss their company and its policies and procedures as applied to the class material or provide a paper on a confidential company project. To ensure that we can have a free and open discussion, Learners are expected to respect the confidentiality of any materials that classmates are willing to share.

Incomplete Grade Information
An "I" is given for incomplete work due to circumstances beyond the student's control. It indicates that the work of the Learner in the course is qualitatively satisfactory and that there is a reasonable expectancy that completion of the remaining work would result in a passing grade. The Instructor will furnish the head of the department with a statement of the work to be completed. The Learner must complete the job at the earliest possible time but before the end of the sixth week of the following semester unless an earlier deadline is established when the "I" is recorded, and the student is notified of this fact. A waiver of the six-week limitation requires the special written permission of the Dean. The "I" will automatically become an "F" at the beginning of the seventh week unless an approved waiver has been filed with the Office of the Registrar.

Withdrawal Policy                                        

The deadline to drop a course with a grade of "W" is the end of the eighth week of classes. Please consult the academic schedule for the exact date for your course. The university's website has the complete Drop/Withdrawal Policy.

ADA Accommodations                                 

Don't hesitate to contact Rodd Newcombe, Director, Academic Support Center, (321) 674-7110,, with any specific ADA accommodations you may require as you work to meet the course requirements.

Title IX     

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination based on sex in federally funded education programs and activities. Florida Institute of Technology policy also prohibits discrimination based on sex.

Florida Tech faculty are committed to helping create a safe learning environment for all students free from discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking. If you, or someone you know, have experienced or is experiencing any of these behaviors, know that help and support are available.

Florida Tech strongly encourages all community members to act, seek support, and report any incident of sexual harassment or gender discrimination to Grace Gamage, Title IX Coordinator, at 321-674-8885 or

Please note that as your professor, I am required to report any incidents to the Title IX Coordinator. 

If you wish to speak to an employee who does not have this reporting responsibility, don't hesitate to contact the Student Counseling Center at 321-674-8050.                                                   

Computer Requirements                             

The following requirements are for the Distance Learning configuration. The essential tools required are a high-speed internet connection and a modern web browser. Specific courses may have other requirements, such as streaming video players (e.g., Flash) or other supplementary technologies. Contact your Instructor for details if this is the case.

Internet access: To take a distance learning course, learners must have an Internet service provider, which an employer does not supply in either the private or public sector. The Instructor may grant exceptions on a case-by-case basis before the beginning of the semester. You must have full, unrestricted access to the Internet and email. Note: Businesses and government agencies often use firewalls to limit their employees' network access. This limited access often causes problems for students, which is why having your service provider is required.)

Hardware: Any recently manufactured (4 years or less) computer will be sufficient to access Florida Tech's Learning Management System and perform assigned work. A monitor capable of displaying at least 1024 x 768 pixels is recommended.

Internet browser: Canvas supports most modern browsers; Firefox, Chrome, and Safari work best. Other applications may work better depending on your browser, so if a feature you are using is not working as expected, try the same steps in a different browser. If you need assistance checking your browser's compatibility, contact General Technical Support at 321-674-7284 or

Mobile Apps: Canvas has an app for iOS and Android.

Email: You must be able to access and are responsible for correspondence sent to your email address. By default, Canvas will send some notifications to this address. You can change where and how often you receive these notifications in your Canvas Notification Preferences.

Sending attachments:  You must be able to send and receive email and email attachments using Microsoft Word and Excel file formats. Using one of the recommended browsers will automatically set your computer's preferences for sending and receiving attachments. You will also need an application suite installed on your computer to read and write these file formats (such as MS Office, OpenOffice, or iWork). Google Drive also supports these document types.

Antivirus Software: Antivirus software is required for all devices connecting to the Florida Tech network and is recommended for general use. Free and discounted software is available to students.

Library Resources and Services                  

Library resources and services are available to distance learners through the Library Information Network. Grammarly is now available in FIT's Library. Select the Databases option on the library website to learn more!

See the Distance Learning / Off-Campus Library site on the LINK for access and other information.


LMS Assistance                                            

Log in to Canvas to find your courses. If you need help logging in, contact General Technical Support at 321-674-7284 or Hover your mouse over the Courses menu to see your courses. Click on a course to enter it.
Need help with something in Canvas? Click on the Help link inside Canvas! In addition to guides and manuals, you can call, chat, email, or submit a support ticket.
Canvas Help is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.