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Supply Chain Management, MGT 5069

Summer 2024


Instructor Name: Dr. Michael Essary

Office Location: Online

Office Hours: By Appointment

Phone: 256-318-1860



This course presents the advanced theory and practice of the core functions of the enterprise and current information technologies (IT) that are used to understand the Supply Chain Management operations and logistic support areas. It provides an understanding of strategy, organizational structure, and behavior for an "integrated sustainment enterprises networks" based upon its design, operations, and software tools. New logistic technologies, tools, and application IT systems are also explored and how they affect the Supply Chain. This course will cover the use of the Internet and how it has moved Supply Chain Management from the Traditional Models to the Net Model.

This is a survey of the measures, metrics, and methodologies associated with Supply Chain Management Systems. The course will cover the concepts and tools used in Supply Chain Management Systems. It examines life-cycle concepts to include requirements, specifications, planning, program design methodologies, structured programming, maintenance, and quality assurance of Supply Chain Management Systems.

The teaching method will be a combination of lecture, class discussions on assigned topics, and case analysis. Areas covered will include: the role of SCM in the economy and organization; customer service; SCM information systems; inventory management; managing materials flow and handling; transportation; warehousing; computerization and packaging issues; purchasing; global logistics; organizing for effective SCM; methods to control SCM performance; and implementing SCM strategy.

The objectives of this course are to:
1) Develop an understanding of the role of Supply Chain Management in a marketing-oriented
2) Provide an opportunity for comprehensive analysis and discussion of key contemporary
issues and problems in Supply Chain Management.
3) Develop an understanding of the characteristics of Supply Chain Management systems
elements and their interrelationships within individual companies, and develop conceptual
and pragmatic insights into Supply Chain Management and related areas

Textbook Designing & Managing the Supply Chain by Simchi-Levi & Kaminski; 3rd Edition.

ISBN 13: 978-0-07-334152-1, ISBN 10: 0-07-334152-5, MBS Direct SKU #: 786529

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Prerequisites MGT 5065 - Introduction to Supply Chain Management, or permission of instructor

The link to order from the Virtual bookstore:

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Anticipated Weekly Subject Matter and Assignment Schedule:

The schedule below is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

  1. Mid Term Examination and Final Examination:

There will be a to test overall knowledge of production and operations management. The exams will be true/false, multiple choice, and short essay.

  1. Research Paper

The research paper will be written on some aspects of supply chain management. 10-12 pages (excluding appendices, table of contents, abstract, reference, and bibliography) research paper (case study) is required. This paper will be prepared consistent with the current APA Manual and will have a minimum of ten different references (No Wiki’s or Pedia’s). This paper is due in Week 10.

To avoid misunderstandings about the grade of "I", the following is provided.

1. The grade of "I" is only to be given for incomplete work because of circumstances beyond the student's control. It is not intended to give additional time to students simply because they want more time to prepare for exams or complete projects. Also, the "I" grade presumes that the student's work has been qualitatively satisfactory and there is reasonable expectation that completion of the remaining work will result in a passing grade.
2. The grade of "I" is not automatic.

Anticipated Weekly Subject Matter and Assignment Schedule:

The schedule below is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

Weekly Topic


Week 1

May 13 - 19

Introduction, Chapter 1


Chapter 1 Reading

Week 1

May 13 - 19

Chapter 2


Chapter 2 Reading

Week 2

May 20 - 26

Chapter 3


Chapter 3 Reading

Week 2

May 20 - 26

Chapter 4


Chapter 4 Reading

Week 3

May 27 – June 2

Chapter 5 


Chapter 5 Reading

Week 3

May 27 – June 2

Chapter 6 


Chapter 6 Reading

Week 4

June 3 - 9

Mid-Term Exam 


Chapters 1-6

Week 5

June 10 - 16

Chapter 7


Chapter 7 Reading

Week 6

June 17 - 23

Chapter 8


Chapter 8 Reading

Week 7

June 24 - 30

Chapter 9


Chapter 9 Reading

Week 8

July 1 - 7

Chapter 10


Chapter 10 Reading

Week 9

July 8 - 14

Chapter 11


Chapter 11   Reading

Week 10

July 15 - 21

Work on Research Paper

Research Paper Due

Week 11

July 22 – July 26

Final Exam


Chapters 7 - 11

Grading Criteria:

Mid Examination


Final Examination


Research Paper