Credit Hours: 3

Instructor: Marius Silaghi

Questions Hours: Thursdays 14:00-14:30 (or by appointment) online on Zoom using the link in the calendar

For special cases one can also use Google Meet:


CIS 5410 Computer Networks for Inform Spec.  Provides a broad set of fundamental topics related to computer networks including network layers, topologies, technologies, services and methods useful for the typical information systems specialists; TCP/IP; transmission protocols and client-server models. Introduces management and security of networks.


The class is on virtual school, which means we have no lecture time, but you read the assigned book chapters every week, as per the assignment description, and solve the assigned questions.
Studying amount: See
Number of lecture hours in a regular course is approx 38.


Larry L. Peterson & Bruce S. Davie; Computer Networks: A systems Approach; 6e; Morgan Kaufmann, 2021

Hard-copy for lab assignments (instructions also in Canvas):

Marius Silaghi; Network Programming with Laboratory Work in C, C++, and Java; Lulu Publisher, 2021

Panopto Recordings of some lectures are made available.



Internet RFCs

Linux man pages on (for example: svipc, socket, ip, ipv6, icmp, udp, tcp, sctp, raw, packet, management)

Install ssh/putty and fortinet, to connect to

Course Objectives:

After completion of this course, students should be able to:

Assignments and Labs:

Tentatively most weeks will have a lab component. Labs will practice programming of network clients and servers, and the use of tools to study or configure the network.  Many of the projects will involve using the server, which can be accessed using fit vpn.


Weekly Homework: 7% each

Final Test: 23% .

Your grade will be calculated from the components listed above. All lecture slides, assignments and other material will be posted in Canvas. Assignments are given a specific due date and extensions to due dates must be arranged in advance.

Grading Scale: A: 90 to 100, B: 80 to 89, C: 70 to 79, D: 60 to 69, F: below 60

Missed and Late Work Policy

With very few exceptions, missed quizzes and assignments cannot be made up. Exceptions will be made for an illness or family emergency that is approved by the Dean of Students. Late assignments without prior approval will not be accepted and will receive a grade of 0.


Tentative Lecture Topics:

Networking concepts and terminology 1.0 week

Physical layer 0.5 week

Data Link layer 0.5 week

Medium Access Control layer 1 week

Network layer protocols 1. week

Transport layer protocols 1.0 week

Flow control and Congestion control 1.0 week

Network-aware applications 1.5 week

Network programming 0.5 week

Overview of cryptography 1.0 week

Mobile and wireless networking 0.5 week

Secure communications protocols 0.5 week

Network security and privacy 1.0 week

This list is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.


Dealing with dishonesty, the department policy is:
Offense     Penalty                                     Reported To
First           Zero on work                            Dean of Students
Second      F in course                                 University Disciplinary Committee
Third         Expulsion from program            University Disciplinary Committee



This course may be recorded for use by students or faculty. Enrolled students are subject to having their images and voices recorded during the classroom presentations, remote access learning, and online course discussions.  Course participants should have no expectation of privacy regarding their participation in the class. Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not registered in the course, or uploaded to other online environments.  


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