Project in Computer Information Systems, CIS 5898, Section IU

Summer 2024



Instructor Name: Dr. Bernard Parenteau     




Course Objectives

  1. To gain experience and demonstrate capabilities in software design and development.
  2. To develop and demonstrate project management skills include planning and communication.
  3. To develop project documentation and presentation skills


Required Texts / Materials:



Grading Policy (including late work policy):

Grading will be based on assignments as well as the final project product and its demonstration.  The assignments will include project specification and proposal assignments as well as progress reports / virtual meetings throughout the semester on a roughly bi-weekly schedule.

Late work may be accepted, with penalty.


Project Topic

            Your project topic will be one of your choosing. Ideally it will be in a subject area in which you are knowledgeable and/or interested.  Your project should have sufficient content and complexity to demonstrate your capabilities in various CIS areas.  Initially you should propose one or two ideas for projects that can be discussed with and approved by the instructor before starting on your selected project.


Project Requirements

            The project requirements include documentation of your design and your proposed schedule in the form of a project plan document.  The format and content of this project plan document as well as that of the final project document are described in the CapstoneDocument.pdf file in the Files section of the course in Canvas.



The project must be an individual effort.  If you include code from other sources, it must be documented.  It is understood that the student may not be a professional programmer, but the work you submit must be your own.  It you submit work that was created by someone other than you, you will fail the course.  See the Academic Honesty section below. 


Project Plan Design Document

In addition to the requirements detailed in the CapstoneDocument.pdf file, your Project Plan Design Document should include the following:

In the Introduction section:

- The overall project context and scope; a synopsis in a page or less. 

This should include a description of what the final project is expected to accomplish.  Describe any other packages that might be available that have similar functionality, and put yours in context.  Indicate how much functionality you expect to include in your project.

In the Algorithms section:

- The technical environment and tools that you will use.

You do not need to describe common technologies in any detail.  So do not include paragraphs describing MySql, Java, Php, MVC, … .  The only detailed description should be of the functionality your project will provide; what is the overall functionality, how exactly will your system provide that functionality; what are the pages/forms/interfaces, and what functions will they provide. 

In the Schedule section:

- The order in which you plan to develop the various components; your proposed schedule in a Gantt chart or similar format.  It is important to be detailed.  Each week should have separate tasks. “Coding” and “Testing” are not sufficient; the details of the modules that you will be coding and testing must be specified on a weekly basis. Your schedule must include a clearly legible description of the modules and activities you expect to be working on, and at a minimum should include a description of your planned tasks for each week.

And in the References section, indicate the base you are starting from if you are using existing code.


Before you begin development you should also include a detailed database design, which should be approved by the instructor, and should reflect the functionality that you described in the Introduction and Algorithms sections of your document.


Course Attendance Policy:

If virtual meetings are scheduled, attendance is expected and absences may negatively impact grades.

Where to Find Extra Help:

There is, or at least there has been, a CS help desk.  It was changed to remote meetings for health reasons.  It is coordinated by Dr. Chan and staffed by CS Graduate Assistants.  It's meant for CS undergrads, but they're usually nice enough to help whoever comes in, including CIS students.

The schedule is 9 to 5 most weekdays and can be found online.  The link is


The Academic Support Center usually offers peer-tutoring in most topics, including some Java programming (though summer offerings may be limited).  This can be done using Microsoft Teams (or in-person during times of normal operation). Students may make appointments through the website at  or by calling the office at 321-674-7110 between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM.

Specifically for Java, students can email Zak Beck <> or Kawanda Rembert <>, and ask about the availability of a Java tutor.


Anticipated Weekly Subject Matter and Assignment Schedule:


Weekly Topic


Week 1

Project topic selection

Potential Topic(s)

Week 2

Finalize project topic, define scope

Topic Detail, Scope

Week 3

Complete Project Proposal Document

Project Proposal Document

Week 4

Database and Detailed Design


Week 4

 Complete Design, Begin Development, Confirm database connectivity

Database Design and Demonstration of connectivity

Weeks 4 - 10

Progress Reports; see assignments

Progress Reports

Week 10

Final Progress Report

Progress Report

Week 10

Project Completion, Demo video

Project Completion, Demo video

Week 11

Final Project Report

Final Project Report

This schedule is subject to change at the instructor’s discretion.

FINAL EXAM: N/A; there is no final exam.


Academic Honesty Definitions & Procedures:  Is located in the student handbook at


Title IX Statement:  The university’s Title IX policy is available at

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 is a federal civil rights law that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in federally funded education programs and activities.  Florida Institute of Technology policy also prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex.

Florida Tech faculty are committed to helping create a safe learning environment for all students that is free from all forms of discrimination and sexual harassment, including sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, and stalking.  If you, or someone you know, have experienced or is experiencing any of these behaviors, know that help and support are available.

Florida Tech strongly encourages all members of the community to take action, seek support, and report any incident of sexual harassment or gender discrimination to Fanak Baarmand, Title IX Coordinator at 321-674-8885 or

 Please note that as your professor, I am required to report any incidents to the Title IX Coordinator.  If you wish to speak to an employee who does not have this reporting responsibility, please contact the Student Counseling Center at 321-674-8050.


Academic Accommodations:  Florida Tech is committed to equal opportunity for persons w/disabilities in the participation of activities operated/sponsored by the university. Therefore, students w/documented disabilities are entitled to reasonable educational accommodations. The Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR) supports students by assisting w/accommodations, providing recommended interventions, and engaging in case management services.  It is the student’s responsibility to make a request to OAR before any accommodations can be approved/implemented.  Also, students w/approved accommodations are encouraged to speak w/the course instructor to discuss any arrangements and/or concerns relating to their accommodations for the class.  Office of Accessibility Resources (OAR):  Telephone: 321-674-8285 / Email: Website:


Recording Disclosure (Privacy Waiver): This course may be recorded for use by students and/or faculty. Enrolled students are subject to having their images and voices recorded during the classroom presentations, remote access learning, online course discussions, and remote office hours/meetings. Course participants should have no expectation of privacy regarding their participation in this class.  Recordings may not be reproduced, shared with those not registered in the courses, or uploaded to other online environments.  All recordings will be deleted at the conclusion of the academic term.  


Covid-19 University Policy:  As per Florida Tech’s “Return to Learn Fall 2020” policy, the “use of face coverings [is] mandatory for students.” By attending this class in person students agree to follow all health guidelines listed in that document, as well as practicing social distancing in the classroom itself.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms should stay at home and seek medical attention. Students failing to follow masking and social distancing will not be allowed to remain in class. For more information, please visit Florida Tech’s Coronavirus Central at